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Bill Williams...

Chairman - Gem Merchandising Ltd (2004 - current)
Managing Director - Somerfield Plc
Retail Director - Sainsbury's Plc
Retail Director - Homebase Ltd

"I have known Phil Chapman, both as a business colleague and a trusted friend, for 25 years.

He worked with me as a Senior Executive at J Sainsbury Plc and was responsible for setting up and managing a
re-engineering project with a target to save £100 million per year through simplifying the store operations in 400 supermarkets.

The project was on target when he decided to set up his own business in October 2000.

One of Phil's many skills is the ability to research and explore subjects and processes with dedication, thoroughness and commitment to the objectives.

It is therefore no surprise to me that he has written this excellent book that will greatly assist any businessperson in their endeavours to generate more cost-effective visitors to their web site through using the 'Google AdWords' service.

We were lucky, as we were the guinea pigs that tested the concepts in Phil's book, but the value of this book to our business must already be worth hundreds of times the retail price.

I'd buy it now, before he increases the price considerably (as I've advised him to do!)."

 Bill Williams


If you need more sales TODAY...

"Who Else Wants To Stop Paying For Advertising, Instead Pay Only For Results, And Watch Your Site’s Traffic Soar As Much As 984% In The Next 24 Hours?"

Google AdWords expert reveals his secrets for turning failing web sites into "Money Machines" overnight; using his proprietary approach to AdWords campaigns...
you can awaken your site’s sales with a smaller investment than any other method!

From: Phil Chapman, 9.57a.m.

Phil Chapman

Dear Friend,

I cringe as I write this, because I think you might not believe the 984% claim I wrote above. I even went so far as to tone down the claim to make it more believable! But that statistic could be a huge understatement.

Here's why...

If you're like most people, you paid someone to make a web site for you. You wanted the site to make you look good. You wanted it to be better than your competition’s. If the process worked out well, you got a site that could very well help your business... but it probably doesn't.

Whether you have a great-looking web site or not, I can almost guarantee what you don't have anywhere near enough of -- and that's visitors to your web site, commonly known as TRAFFIC.

So, depending on your starting point, your web site could do a lot better than the 984% increase in the headline at the top of this page.

That's just what the most recent site-owner we shared this information with achieved. In fact, why don't I let Gareth Edwards, from Gem Merchandising, tell you about it himself...

"The increase in traffic is amazing!"

Hi Phil,

We've been using the 'Overture' pay-per-click search engine to generate traffic to our web site for 18 months, and I think we've got pretty good at it.

Your information generated more traffic in the first 24 hours than we've been getting from Overture in a week!

Thanks is just too small a word!

The increase in traffic is amazing! Our web site jumped up from being ranked #1,039,037 on the Internet (by the amount of visitors we get) to 219,135* - all in the space of 24 hours!

Gareth Edwards, CEO Gem Merchandising

P.S. I've just worked out that in the first 3 business days using your advice, we generated the same amount of extra traffic that we get in a whole month from using Overture!

* Verified at Alexa.com

Do You Want A Web Site
Or A Web Business?

Fact: No Traffic = No Web Business!

It really is that simple. Does it matter what your web site looks like, or whether you paid $50, $500 or $50,000 dollars for it, if hardly anyone visits it? Of course not.

Whether you currently have a web site for your business, or you plan to have one in the future, you need to read this.

The good news is the 'no-traffic' problem can be solved, and I'm going to tell you how to solve it.

But Don't Waste Your Time

But hey - I don't want to waste your time... If you're quite happy having a web site with virtually no visitors, just because you've been told you'll be left behind if you don't have one, and all your competitors will start getting the business that belongs to you, it's your choice.

If you're quite happy having a web site that gets hardly any traffic and, instead of being a great lead-generator for your business, is classed as a necessary business expense, that's fine too.

Stop reading, visit another web site
or close your browser down now.

But if you want to know...

  • How to generate more visitors to your web site than you probably ever thought possible, whether you're a one-woman outfit or have a staff of hundreds.

  • How to suck in the traffic like a brand new Dyson...

  • How to get the best possible return on investment for your marketing dollars.

  • How to save up to 82% of your advertising costs.

  • How to quantify the exact advertising that works, and do more of it.

  • How to cut out advertising that wastes your money because it doesn't generate any sales.
...you'd better keep reading. This information is for you!

The answer to the 'no-traffic' problem is simple - Google AdWords.

A simple answer and a simple solution, but only if you're already familiar with Google AdWords and you know how to get the best out of this amazing product.

"...START with Phil's in-depth Google Adwords advice.."

If you would like to start a Pay-Per-Click campaign, or improve an existing campaign, I recommend you START with Phil's in-depth Google Adwords advice.

Phil is truly an expert in PPC, with years of experience and hard-earned knowledge.

Jim Daniels, www.Make-A-Living-Online.com

Stop Paying For Advertising NOW!

Now, unless you've spent the last three years living in a cave, I'm sure you've heard of Google, right? Google is the planet's most popular search engine and in a column at the right side of their search engine results pages, they feature 'Sponsored Links' from companies that have a product or service that's relevant to the search results.

Google AdWords Example
Google AdWords example, from the Google web site.

These are 'Google AdWords' ads and you only pay (from 2 cents per click) when someone clicks on your ad to visit your web site. If you're familiar with 'pay-per-click' search engine advertising, you'll probably know about this already.

If case you're thinking "So What?", can you see how powerful this is to you as an advertiser?

With AdWords, you only pay for results!

At best you generate tons of additional sales and you have to pause your AdWords campaign while you catch up... at worst you're doing invaluable research for your web business. After all, if your web site doesn't convert your visitors to customers, all your advertising and promotion is just throwing your hard-earned money away!

You can purchase individual words or phrases that apply most closely to your own ideal potential customer's searches and have your mini-ad staring them right in the face.

Does it work? Sure it does! Can you imagine the impact on your business if your web site was always listed on the first page of results on Google for people looking for your product/service? If you want cast-iron proof, just read the comments from Gareth Edwards in the box near the top of this page!

You can even target your ads to appear within a certain radius of your location in some countries (e.g. the U.S.), if you have a local, rather than a national or international business.

Remember that in marketing your product or service, you need to:

  1. Target your offer to the right people i.e. people who want your product or service.

  2. Sell your product at a price people are willing to pay.

  3. Provide good value for money, both with your product and any associated follow-up that may be necessary. That is, good old-fashioned customer service!

Let's be quite clear. Google AdWords can't help you with #2 and #3 -- that's our job as business people. But, and it's a very big "but", it can do an absolutely brilliant job at targeting your offer to the right people (#1 above).

How To Harness The Power Of
Performance-Based Advertising

Do you think your business would benefit from an advertising and/or marketing method where you only pay anything when your potential customer clicks on your ad and comes to your web site?

Of course it would! Compare this to paying for advertising anywhere else, where you pay up-front and perhaps people visit your web site, perhaps they don't -- and the cost to you is the same either way!

I've spent thousands of dollars in products, services and time, researching the Google AdWords phenomenon.

I'd also like to help you get up-and-running with a successful AdWords campaign, and our brand new guide-book, 'How To Succeed With Google AdWords', will do precisely that.

"...turbo-boost your profits into the stratosphere.."

Phil's new ebook has everything a novice needs to know to create a successful AdWords campaign, plus some interesting and fresh tips for the seasoned advertiser.

Why this book is special...

There are already heaps of books available about building a successful AdWords campaign, so what makes this book so special?

The answer is simple. How To Succeed With Google AdWords has gathered together all the tips and tricks that work, together with Phil's own experience building and managing successful AdWords campaigns, and gives you literally everything you need to know in one manual.

If you're considering an AdWords campaign, or even if you're an experienced AdWords advertiser, I'm sure you'll discover new tricks to help improve your results and turbo-boost your profits into the stratosphere.

Allan Gardyne's 'Associate Programs' web site review

"...a clear, concise manual.."

How To Succeed With Google AdWords is a clear, concise manual that walks you through the process of both setting up and fine tuning your Google Adwords account.

Andy Mindel, Co-Owner and Founder, Wordtracker.com

It's Not Like Any Other Book You've Ever Read
(Or You're Likely To Read) On AdWords...


Because that's precisely why I've written this guide book.

Let me explain...

The idea to write 'How To Succeed With Google AdWords' was born out of my own frustration! When I was first getting started with AdWords early in 2004, I bought one of the leading books on AdWords. It didn't tell me everything I needed to know, so I bought another one...

This went on until I'd got all of the most widely-acclaimed books on AdWords, because I didn't find one book that told me everything I wanted to know.

OK, I do accept that since those early days, I've become a bit of an AdWords 'junkie'. I've bought, read, watched and listened to everything I could get my hands on about AdWords, to see if there were any further little 'tweaks' I was missing out on.

So I've already researched all of the recognized, leading reference books and guides about AdWords, so you don't have to.

And I've got no vested interest in holding anything back, because I don't run an AdWords consulting service, like most of the other AdWords 'experts' out there.

We just took everything we've ever learnt, tested it all for ourselves, added additional points from our own experience, and included every single tip and trick that could make your AdWords campaign easier, quicker, and more successful.

It's all revealed for you to discover in the brand new 'How To Succeed With Google AdWords' ebook guide.

"...THE essential guide.."

As a professional eBook writer I am very impressed with the simple and easy way Phil has explained how to use Adwords.

This is THE essential guide for anyone wanting to use Adwords for profit.

Phil Gosling, author of Success-Engineering.com

"...especially like the tips.."

Thanks for all the information that was provided in the book. I especially like the Tips at the end.

I was unsure of which [other] products to buy that would help my business, but will definitely look at both 'Product X' and 'Product Y'.

Lance Shabatura, British Columbia, Canada

This new guide is in PDF format, which is readable on Windows or Mac operating systems, and is ready to download from this web site right now. You can be reading it in 5 minutes!

(Even if it's 2 am!)

What Is In 'How To Succeed With Google AdWords'? Web Site Promotion

It includes everything you need to know and do, even if you've never even visited Google before.

And I do mean everything, from A-Z, revealed in detail, right before your eyes. You can copy every single process with the guide-book open on your own computer monitor.

Or print it out and have it open on your desk while you follow the quick and easy steps revealed.

Learn 47 Quick And Easy Tips
To Guarantee Your Success

In 'How To Succeed With Google AdWords' you'll learn...

  • How and where to start... and you'll probably be surprised to hear that it's not at Google! (Tip #1, page 23).

  • How to potentially save thousands of dollars by setting up your AdWords campaigns in the most cost-effective way. (A vast amount of Google Adwords advertisers don't do this and risk wasting big chunks of their adverting budget - just follow Tip #4, on page 35, and get it right first time!)

  • How to target your ads precisely to your best prospects, whatever business you're in (Tip #8, page 40).

  • How to decide how much to pay for your 'clicks' - you'll never lose any money if you follow this advice (Tip #31, page 72).

  • How to choose from the numerous different 'keyword matching options' you can use, and pick up variations that have the potential to stretch your advertising budget further than you thought possible (Tip #25, page 67).

  • How to write your ads to get the 'click' (Tip #7, page 40).

  • Why you can forget about paying a small fortune to 'search engine optimization' specialists to get your web site ranked highly, and concentrate on writing your web pages for the people who really matter to your business - your potential customers. Follow Tip #31 on page 69 to ensure your web site is always on the first page of Google search results!

  • How to use 'negative words' -- what they are, when to use them...and why (Tip #26, page 67).

  • How changing one quick and easy thing in your ad can increase the response by up to 1200% - perhaps even more! (Tip #22, page 58).

  • Why writing one ad is never enough, and how many you should write (Tip #23, page 58).

  • Why you shouldn't enter a 'bidding war' and how to avoid it (Tip #29, page 72).

  • How to target your ads individually to be shown to your own best potential customers, from a choice of more than 250 countries, and even to specific geographical areas within some countries, and 14 different languages (Tip #4, page 35).

  • When to change your ad... and why (Tip #39, page 100).

  • How changing three letters in your ad can improve the response by as much as 53%! (Tip #22, page 86)

... and so much more!

In fact, in 'How To Succeed With Google AdWords', there are 47 crucial tips that will turbo-charge your success!

"I now feel like an expert!"


Just a quick email about your new book. I really like it, for two main reasons.

1. I didn't know anything about pay-per-click advertising before and even less about AdWords. I now feel like an expert!

2. Your style of writing is clear, friendly and non-patronising. Even the concepts that I thought I may struggle with (as a novice) were made as clear as daylight.

Thank you for an excellent book at a very low price! Please let me know when you write your next one.

I nearly forgot to mention the amazing free gifts.

Although they weren't why I wanted the book, I'm really glad I got it before you removed them. They are certainly worth many times the cost of the book on their own and complement it perfectly.

Thanks again!

Jonathan Field
General Manager, Peter Jones
Sloane Square, London SW1

Will You Benefit from this Guide?

bullet Yes, if you want to generate more targeted traffic to your web site in a proven, cost-effective way.

bullet Yes, if you've already tried pay-per-click advertising and gave up because it didn't work.

bullet Yes, if you've been intending to try pay-per-click advertising and/or Google AdWords, but want something that eliminates the learning curve in getting started, and making it successful for your business.

bullet Yes, if you're a small business owner who doesn't have a massive advertising budget, or you own any size business and want to watch the pennies and know exactly where they're going.

bullet Yes, if you want to measure the effectiveness of your web pages -- after all, if they don't succeed in generating leads or sales for you, what's the point having a web site?

"...like having a personal mentor sitting next to you.."

This is an excellent book that I like very much.

It is exactly the sort of book that I like to see: well written, by someone who clearly knows exactly what he is talking about, and in a step-by-step style that makes it impossible to get confused.

And there isn't an ounce of fluff. Just very useful content that is already making me think very strongly about starting a new AdWords campaign this weekend.

I'm absolutely sure that if I do, thanks to Phil it will be more successful than any that I've tried to run in the past!

His book is like having a personal mentor sitting next to you, teaching you what really works and what to avoid.

All I can say is, if you need traffic, then you need this book!

Martin Avis, Review in 'Kickstart Today'

Who Will Not Benefit from this Guide?

  • Anyone who is very successful with Google AdWords already and knows everything there is to know (if this is you, please email me - Google AdWords is an evolving service and I haven't stopped learning myself yet!).

  • Google AdWords experts (though I understand if you're curious about what's in my guide-book compared to yours...).

"...really excellent!"


Your Adwords book is really excellent!

Having the tips all bookmarked is great. I love the way you can easily find more detail about each tip when you are ready for it.

You did a good job of explaining some of the nuances of key word selection. You could probably write another whole book on that topic!

Your book is very comprehensive...it has plenty of 'meat' for you to chew on as you gain experience.

Now that I’ve had some ads up for a couple of months, I don’t consider myself a rank beginner anymore, but I can see from your book that there is much more to learn.

And the way you have set up the book I will be able to find and dive into any topic when I’m ready for it.

I was very happy to see a list of all the tips at the end. That’s just what I was hoping for at that point.

Barbara Wright Abernathy, Web Site Owner and Author
Portland, Oregon

Could You Find This Information
Anywhere Else?

The short answer is yes -- providing you are prepared to invest the same amount of time and money in research and testing that I have -- and you know where to look and what to do.

But why waste your precious time?

During this introductory price period, 'How To Succeed With Google AdWords' is only $99.95 $67. If you factor in your own time and money and the months it's taken me to research and thoroughly test the wealth of information and tips in this guide, this is a ridiculously small investment in your business.

"...I'm more than pleased to recommend it - because I'm actively using it!"

Peter WoodheadI have been using Google Adwords for over two years and witnessed the many changes made by Google since I first got started. How different it was back then with no real guide to help me.

How I wished I could have got my hands on Phil Chapman's "How to Succeed with Google Adwords." It currently costs a fraction of what other Adwords publications cost, but delivers a whole lot more.

I've found things in Phil's ebook guide that I couldn't find anywhere else and, I've "discovered" a couple of tips that I will be implementing immediately in my campaigns.

Furthermore, Phil promises to offer updates to his guide-book to take account of Google's ever-changing rules and regs.

This is one ebook I'm more than pleased to recommend - because I'm actively using it!

Peter Woodhead


If your time is worth anything at all, you probably couldn't do it yourself for 10 times the cost of the guide.

But I'm only going to guarantee this insanely low price until midnight on . After that, it could go up to the full price at any time.

You can pay online using our state-of-the-art ultra-secure credit/debit card facilities, provided for us by 'WorldPay', download it and be reading it 5 minutes from now.

The Most Amazing Free Gifts You've Ever Seen In Your Whole Life - Yours If You Act Quickly!

If you're prepared to act quickly to benefit your business, you'll not only save more than $30 on the full price of 'How To Succeed With Google AdWords', but you'll also receive the following bonuses, absolutely free:

Special Bonus #1: You'll Get 'Headline Creator Pro Software'
($97 Value)

The perfect complement to the guide! The best headlines have been proven to increase customer response by up to 1700%! Imagine the impact on your business of this ingenious software that legitimately re-models the best headlines in history for your product or service, and gives you up to 100 headlines to choose from... All in 17 seconds!

Special Bonus #2: You'll Get '277 Hypnotic Words/Phrases'
($47 Value)

You will get a list of the 277 most Powerful and Proven words and phrases that you must have for your headlines and sales letters. If you don't know about these trance-inducing words and phrases then you are leaving piles of extra easy money on the table.

Special Bonus #3: You'll Get '91 Emotional Triggers'
($67 Value)

People don't buy because of logic -- they buy, based on emotion. How would you like to control how quickly people whip out their wallet and give you their money, simply by being in possession of 91 of the most sought after, knee-jerk reaction triggers that shake and stir the emotions of your readers down to their very bones -- making them act swiftly and without regret?

Special Bonus #4: You'll Get The Acclaimed 'Classified Magic' Ebook by Robert Boduch ($39 Value)

Another brilliant addition to your marketing library. This excellent book will enable you to create classified ads, for any promotional medium, that really achieve results!

Special Bonus #5: You'll Get 'Scientific Advertising' by Claude Hopkins (Value - Probably Priceless, but let's say a measly $19.95)

This book, written in 1923, is widely recognised by today's advertising and marketing experts as one of the best books on advertising ever written, and the content is still as valid today as when it was written! Advertising legend David Ogilvy said:

"Nobody, at any level, should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times. It changed the course of my life."
Web Site Promotion

And if getting $269.95 in free gifts and more than $30 off the full price isn't enough to have you scrambling to get this before your competitors beat you to it and/or the bonuses are removed, there's still another reason to take advantage of this limited opportunity.

You're fully protected by my...

Better-than-Risk-Free Guarantee!

Any single one of the tips in 'How To Succeed With Google AdWords' could be worth at least 10 times the cost of this guide-book to your business, and it's guaranteed for a full 90 days.

No-Risk Guarantee

If there's anything you don't like about 'How To Succeed With Google AdWords' (even the color of the cover or the size of the type), just let me know within 90 days -- you'll get a complete and full no-questions-asked refund, and you get to keep the bonuses, as my thank-you for trying my new guide-book.

I'm taking all the risk, leaving you with absolutely none!

How To Get Started Immediately

It couldn't be easier - just click on the button below and place your order for 'How To Succeed With Google AdWords'.

You can download the guide straight away and be reading it 5 minutes from now!

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(Even if it's 2 am!)

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It is processed for us by 'WorldPay', using their state-of-the-art ultra-secure credit/debit card payment facilities, and you can make payment in US$, £s (Pounds Sterling) or Euros.

Get your copy now, before your competitor benefits from all these potential time-saving, revenue-generating, profit-increasing tips.

 Best Regards,

Phil Chapman
 Phil Chapman

P.S. My partner thinks I'm mad for offering this guide for more than $30 less than the price we agreed -- and giving away $269.95 in free gifts. Act quickly before I have to cave in under pressure and put the price up and/or remove the bonuses.

P.P.S. This is a totally no-risk purchase. If you don't like your ebook guide for any reason, you pay nothing. Try it for 90 days -- and then decide. You get to keep the bonuses either way!

Google AdWords® is a registered Trademark of Google. 'How To Succeed With Google AdWords' is not endorsed by Google, nor is any relationship with, or endorsement by Google or Google AdWords implied (though we do like Google a lot!).

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