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If You've Always Wondered Why One Dotcom Succeeds While Another One Fails...

There are 2 Keys to Internet Success.
You Already Know 1 Of Them...

The 2nd One May be the Final Piece of the Puzzle For You To Generate Traffic, Make Sales, and Profit Online...

What would you do with an extra $33,245 this weekend?

I went out and bought myself a Mustang GT convertible. That's getting ahead of my story though...

There I was...standing in front of 72 people hanging on my every word. They paid $997 each to be there.

I made a bold claim. I told multi-millionaire Ron Legrand I could generate $10,000 or more within 3 days...anytime I wanted. He told me to "Prove it." So, I flew down to Dallas, Texas to do a "Live" on the spot Internet promotion in front of these Bootcamp participants.

It was make it or break it time. They would soon find out whether I was the real deal or not…

It's been 24 hours since I started the test. We were now visiting my online shopping cart. I was going to show how many orders I’d received in the last day. I was visibly a little nervous...sweating bullets.

Technology is sometimes unreliable. If you’ve been online for any amount of time, you know that. Servers can lock up. Secure order forms can break down. Any time you’re using technology, something has the potential of going wrong. I was hoping nothing went wrong this time.

I type the web address into my browser. I type in my username and password. I’m now logged in. I push the “Orders” button and my orders from the last 24 hours pop up. I count 1...2…3….4...and keep right on counting. Over $13,500 in orders were sitting in the cart.

Everyone saw the results of online marketing right in front of their eyes. They were shocked. Some of them almost couldn’t believe it. My business has NO employees, yet I had produced more income in 1 day than many people do in months. Yet, it had only taken me around 30 minutes of work!

No one in that room can ever deny Internet marketing works...They saw it firsthand with their own two eyes.

The orders kept coming in...The total was $33,245 after two more days. This one ad had produced $33,245 in 72 hours. The best part of it all was that over 90% of this money was pure profit. The only expense was a small amount in product fulfillment. I had ZERO marketing and advertising costs.

"It was the most amazing money-making event I've ever WITNESSED
in my whole life! When you first mentioned it on the 2nd day at the LIVE
"Internet Money Machine Bootcamp" in Dallas, I was anxiously anticipating
your email.

At midnight that night, I turned on my laptop computer in my hotel room
waiting for your email. When I read it, I knew it was going to be a WINNER!
I said to myself "I have to have what he is offering!" And I did, the next

The next morning, I was truly impressed when you showed us in REAL TIME
how you made $13,500 overnight! I was even more impressed when I found
out that you made $33,245 in 3 days! And most of it was pure PURE PROFIT!

Incredibly amazing! You just gave me a real, documented and UNFORGETTABLE live experience of how to create "Instant Cash Flow on Demand!"

And you know what Terry?...After that momentous event, I knew without
a doubt in my mind, that ANYONE - including myself - can do it, too."

Joel Christopher -

"The Internet X-Factor" affects everything you do online...

You can go the rest of your life only experiencing small trickles of online sales...if any. OR You can make the decision to once and for all really start doing business online just like I do. It's your choice.

Here are just a few of the things you'll discover:

  • 3 Easy Ways to Increase the Immediate Profits of Any Internet Marketing Promotion...Break any of these three rules and you could lose 90% or more of your response.
  • Why YOU have a mind-numbing advantage over every major multi-million dollar financed Dotcom on the web...and why they should be shaking in their boots about competing with little old you.
  • How to Make Your Customers Fall Head Over Heels in Love With You...and Literally Force them to Buy from You Again and Again...even though they have no idea why they're doing it!
  • Why Setting Up a "Mini-Site" May Be The Biggest Mistake You Could Possibly Make Online...and How to Be 100% Certain Exactly What Your Web Site Should Look Like.
  • The #1 Reason Visitors Get Confused At Your Web Site...and how to hypnotize your visitors into whipping out their credit cards and buying from you.
  • How to Generate Multiple Streams of Internet Income by Developing your Own Wealth Funnel (I currently receive 16 checks a month from different companies).
  • How to Quit chasing after nickels and dimes. Learn the insider millionaire marketing secret of earning $1,000 or more from your average customer.
  • How to Eliminate All Competition...Follow our method and it doesn't matter how crowded the marketplace is. Customers can't even think of doing business with anyone else.
  • 3 FREE Secrets Any Affiliate Can Use to Guarantee They sell more products than any other affiliate in the programs they're in...You'd better watch out if your competition finds out about this before you do.
  • The one FREE tool that dropped my marketing day by a literal 3 hours...every single day. Now I have more time to relax, play, and spend with my family...all because of this one misunderstood tool.

You'll also learn...

  • The Quick and Easy Writing Method...How to write attention grabbing, credibility inspiring, order producing email follow-up messages. You've never seen anything even remotely like this.
  • 8 Ways to Write Emails That Produce Thousands of Dollars in Sales...overnight.
  • Why 99% of e-zines are pure garbage...and are actually costing their owners business...Money they could have made if they changed ONE aspect of their marketing.
  • 17 Web Writing Rules to Guarantee Your Visitors Drop Everything They're Doing...Because They're spellbound by the incredible magic you've produced on your web site.
  • How to Come up With Killer Article Ideas every 12 seconds...anytime you want...on absolutely any subject.
  • Why You probably should never start an e-zine...and how to do a "personality test" to find out which one of the 3 marketing methods is right for you...personally. Who cares what works for others?
  • 7 Insider Secrets to generating 100 pre-qualified leads or more daily for your products and services...on full auto-pilot.
  • 4 Steps to Generating $1,000,000 in FREE Publicity using only email...and How to do it again and again as often as you want.
  • How to generate $30,000 or more without ever spending a single penny on advertising...and why you may never want to pay for online advertising again!
  • 10 Ways to Increase Sales From Any Special Offer...If you're not using these secrets, then you're leaving thousands of dollars on the table every single time you make an offer.
  • The 10 Internet X-Factor Rules for Online Marketing...Understand these rules and you'll know more about Internet marketing than most 4 year business graduates!

If I covered every piece of information you'll learn about earning automatic profits online, then my bullet list above would have to be well over 20 pages...This isn't just some little 10 page ebook full of graphics blown up to make it look like 50 pages.

This is a real 141 page ebook jam packed with training materials to send your business to the next level. I didn't waste space putting in all kinds of cute little clipart or HUGE letters to make it look bigger. You don't want to waste your time on useless pictures.

I also didn't hire out any of the writing...No one else wrote a single word of this ebook. A little known secret in writing is that a majority of information products are ghostwritten by someone other than the expert...even when you're expecting to receive marketing information that can be the life or death of your business.

Don't you want the information right from the expert who did it...and has proven in front of a live audience YOU can do it too?

I cut through the fluff...and have written every little secret I know about fully automating your business, creating web sites that sell, and generating traffic at little or NO cost.

Here are a few unsolicited comments customers have made about my products...

"Thank you so much for the information you share in your newsletter, in your products and on your site. You might like to know that, using some of the things you teach, I've secured $60,489.00 over a 6 month period! What you teach works - BIG TIME"
Mickey Wong, owner of Easy4all Internet Solutions

"Terry is so far ahead of the rest, it's not even funny. He offers VERY informative and easy to follow instructions on how to make your website produce more income. And he gives you twice the usable information of his competition at HALF the price. I have always found him to be friendly, honest, and helpful. He has absolutely put a ton of money in our pocket following his advice, and we've only applied about 10% of what he teaches."
Frank & Marie Garon - <>

"...I forked over my $29.95 and $39.95 and even $249.95 for all of the courses that were going to make me the big money. So, I all but gave up on my dream of working from my computer at home...until I saw your internet marketing course.
I'll admit, when I first read the details about your course I figured that you were just another guy out there wanting my money. I almost didn't purchase it, but you offered a "no questions asked" money back return, so I figured "What the heck?" I read your course and put into practice what I learned from you.

I didn't make $10,000 the next week. I didn't buy my first yacht in a month. And I didn't retire at age 30. However, I DID quit my job within just a few short weeks of getting your course and now I work from my home, earning a very nice living online. I bet you're not surprised.

All those years I spent dabbling and experimenting...I knew there was a way to earn a substantial income doing something that I love, and you showed me how to do it. And so, even though you may not know me all that well, there are thousands of customers all around the world who do."

Jimmy Brown - <>

The 141 page Internet X-Factor ebook will teach you every dirty little secret you need to earn maximum profits online...while working only a few hours each week on your marketing. It will open the door up to an almost unbelievable lifestyle where you choose how much money you want to make...No one else assigns you a limited paycheck anymore.

6 Special Quick Start Guides For Your Business

The Internet X-Factor also contains 6 bonus sections teaching a step-by-step system showing exactly how to use every technique you've learned in the course.

These six Quick Start Guides will teach you everything you could ever want to know about the Internet X-Factor for Six Different Types of online businesses. The six businesses you'll have complete Internet X-Factor systems you can follow in the next few hours are:

1. Affiliates - You don't even need your own products to use the Internet X-Factor. This Quick Start Guide will tell you how to sign-up for free in the best programs...and how to outsell every single affiliate in those programs. You can receive multiple streams of income and never sell a single product of your own.

2. Product Sites - Do you sell a line of products you ship to your customers? If so, then this Quick Start Guide is the one for you. Many marketing books ignore YOU when they talk about setting up their marketing, because their systems don't work for "real" products. Find out how you can use the Internet X-Factor in your online marketing.

3. Infopreneurs - Creating and selling eBooks and other information products is as close to a dream business as it gets. This Special Quick Start Guide will show you every thing you need to do to sell information products online...Including our Special Secret technique that triples your sales rate...while reducing refunds to almost zero.

4. Local Businesses - This Quick Start Guide was created for the local shop. Do you have a retail shop that sells to a local market? If so, then you'll want to spend your time in this guide. It will explain to you why most Internet marketing information won't work for you...unless you make a few minor adjustments. This report tells you how to make those adjustments and how you can drive a stampede of customers to your store anytime you want.

5. Membership Sites - Do you have a paid membership site? If so, then this Quick Start Guide will show you how to apply the Internet you'll never have to hunt down or beg for members again. My own membership site has dozens of people signing up every single day...and I really only use ONE tool to do it. Find out how you can use this same tool and build your membership into the thousands.

6. eZine Publishers - Running an e-zine used to be an almost guaranteed way to profit online...2 or 3 years ago. Today it's not quite so easy. Ninety percent of e-zines have trouble even signing up a few thousand subscribers. Find out how I've built my e-zine to over 50,000 subscribers...and how to earn maximum profits on every single issue you publish. It's actually quite simple...once you know the secret.

The Internet X-Factor ebook is in Free Adobe Acrobat Reader format...which means it can be used on both IBM compatible and Macintosh computers. If you have a computer, then you can read this book. You won't need any expensive outside software to open it. It cannot be used by WebTV at this time.

It is a 500 KB download...which should only take a couple of minutes on a regular dial-up connection. When you order, you will instantly receive the download information, and can start looking at it within 10 minutes.

Now Let's Talk About Your Special FREE Bonus Items...

I'm bending over backwards to provide you with all the tools you need to start making money online I'm including 3 very special bonuses for a limited time only.

Special Free Bonus #1: 500 eZine Publishers Ready to Publish Your Articles

Hundreds of e-zine publishers are waiting for you to send them your articles. That's right. Send them an article and they'll publish it to one thousand, ten thousand, or even a hundred thousand subscribers. You don't have to spend a single penny to get your products in front of thousands of people.

One problem...finding e-zine publishers has been a long time consuming most marketers have never done it. This special bonus is a comma delimited text file containing 500 e-zine publishers who want to publish free articles.

It includes the publisher's name, email address, publication name, and web address. You can import it right into your email software and mail merge out letters with all of the above information on them. You'll have an unfair advantage over all the other article submissions right off the bat...because you can personalize your letters to the e-zine publisher.

This list can be invaluable to it is hard to put a price on it. If I were to sell it separately, I would probably price it at $97.

Special Free Bonus #2: Email Review by Terry Dean

You can't just send out any email and expect to earn $33,245.

It has to be written following my model. Even though I detail every step of writing a killer ad piece, I know some people will still want a little extra help. So, I'm including something I know is way more valuable than the whole package time.

I will review any one email letter that you send to me for FREE...putting it through my rigorous 5 part checklist test. I will then email you back my opinions in each category and any suggestions I have for you to improve it.

I now charge $500 an hour for phone consultations. This one is done by email so I can do it at my I'll value it at a discounted $200. Please act quickly as my time is extremely limited and this will be the first bonus I eliminate from this offer.

Special Free Bonus #3: 6 Months Free Updates

Internet information changes resources can change overnight. To keep you up to date on the latest Internet marketing developments...and their influence on the Internet'll receive 6 months of free updates by email for this product.

You'll receive an email every month giving you additional resources, other ways of applying the information, and more quick start guides. If something in the material changes, you'll be notified immediately.

A good price for these updates would be $19.95 a month...which brings us to a total of $119.70 for this bonus.

It Costs Less Than One Classified Ad

This is the same information I teach at $997 and $1,497 seminars...Plus those attendees have to pay for airfare, hotel, and meals. They also have to anxiously wait for the events.

You can get the exact same information at a fraction of the cost...and you can have it in your hot little hands in minutes.

The price for everything...including the Internet X-Factor training course, all 6 X-Factor Quick Start Guides, the $394 in special ONLY $67.

That's less than most classified ads will cost you. You can hold the key that unlocks the door to online profits, follow my step-by-step Quick Start Guides, and get my personal support for less than you'll waste on one misplaced ad! can get it for the next few days for ONLY $37 *.

100% Unconditional No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Please understand that I can't legally promise you to make a certain amount of money. I don't know your background, your ambitions, or just how much effort you'll put into my system. SO I'm not going to promise you'll make $30,000 in 30 days...or anything silly like that. I've been doing this for a while. I'm not going to even promise you'll fully duplicate my results.

What I can guarantee is that you'll be 100% satisfied. If you decide that this package just isn't for you within 90 days, for whatever reason, then you can get a 100% refund of your money. All I ask is that you send me a simple email stating that you have destroyed any hard copies and have deleted my information and bonuses off your hard drive...and I'll immediately refund you completely of every cent you paid.

There is nothing you have to return and no hoops to jump through. Just send an email stating the above to my friend Phil, from, at the email address below, and you'll receive the full refund. No Questions Asked.

Take Action Now

I'm not going to guarantee the $37 * price to last...My Free Email Review will only be available for a very limited time...until I get overwhelmed with review requests. You can only assure yourself these two benefits by taking action today. I reserve the right to change this offer at any time.

You can order online right now by clicking here...

Simply fill in the secure order form and you'll receive instant access. It's only $37 *, is totally risk free, and comes with $394 in free bonuses not available anywhere else.

 Yours in Success,

 Terry Dean

P.S. How much is it worth to you to have a proven system that works...including a complete Quick Start Guide for your online business? Where else will you find someone who was willing to stand up and PROVE their system front of a crowd of people? Sure, anyone can claim they know how to make money online while they hide behind their web sites and ebooks. It's another story to prove it live. Take action today and you can be on your way to Internet success by applying the Internet X-Factor.

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