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Small Town Indiana Farm Boy Humiliates Internet Gurus By Training Thousands of Average Joe's How to Start One Supercharged Internet Business After Another....

"YOU Can Quickly and Easily Set-up Fully Automated Internet Businesses in 42 Days or Less...Each One Cranking Out $3,000 or More Per Month for the Rest of Your Life"

How Many $3,000+ Per Month Income Streams Do You Want?

By Terry Dean

It's simple...once you know the system.

Imagine this. You get up at 10 o'clock in the morning. Grab a cup of coffee and make the 30 second commute to your home office. Flip on your computer and pull down your email. You look over the emails and you have 27 order notification messages waiting for you. You sold $978 worth of products since last night.

Not bad...considering you spent most of the day shopping. Just think what you could have done if you actually worked yesterday.

This is my reality...and I couldn't have dreamed it would be this good 6 years ago.

I'm just a small town guy from Indiana...nothing special. I'm not a "genius" like so many claim to be. I'm even a college dropout. I'll tell you a little bit more about where I come from later on. You're not reading this to hear about me.

You're interested in my unique discovery.

I've discovered a simple Internet system which can generate Money-On-Demand...and I duplicate this same system again and again as often as I want.

It takes me a few days to set up each income stream. The beauty is I do this once...and the system runs on full auto-pilot from that point on. Visitors are automatically sent to my web site (at no cost to me). They read my ads. They place orders.

The orders are automatically processed and the money is deposited in my bank account. The products are delivered online to customers instantly. In a few cases the products are shipped out for me. Either way, the process doesn't require me to lift a finger!

I've got dozens of these little income streams all running for me...while money does a mambo line right into my bank account.

I want to tell you a little secret before we get into the specifics of this amazing system...

You've Been Lied to...And It's Costing You a Fortune

OK...I know what you're thinking. You've probably heard this before. There are thousands of ebooks promising instant Internet riches without work or labor. I know. I've seen them. I've read them. The majority of them aren't worth a dime.

This offer is different from anything you've ever seen before for one major reason...I'm NOT promising you any wealth without work.

Some people think "work" is a dirty word, but let's get honest here. You'll never get ANYTHING valuable in life without working for it. If you want to graduate from school, you have to do some work. If you want to earn a living, you have to do some work. If you want to raise kids, you're going to have to do some work.

If you want to build an entirely new life with a part-time Internet business producing a 6 figure income or more, then you're going to have to do some work.

If you seriously believe it's all about luck and someday you'll find the hidden secret to making money without one ounce of work...then you might as well quit reading now. You're just too darn stupid if you believe that. So don't waste your time or mine.

You'll never eliminate 100% of the work. The point of an Internet business is to simply set up a system that does the majority of the work for you. You'll be able to automate 95% or more of the business, but there will always be a few things you have to do (or pay someone else to do).

The Internet just multiplies your work 1 hour of work can produce 10, 40, or even 1,000 hours of income results. Stop trading hours for dollars. Work once...and get paid on it forever.

Because this offer isn't about the lottery or any kind of luck...

It's About Following a Step-By-Step Plan Where You Go from Ground Zero To Having Money Deposited In Your Bank Account From An Online Business Every Single Day For the Rest of Your Life...

This probably won't be the first course you've ever purchased about marketing online. You may already have a hundred ebooks on the subject.

The big problem is most people study all the materials available...and end up in Information Overload!

You may know the 17 steps to doing this...or the 194 advertising techniques...or the 7 irrevocable laws of Internet marketing. But you still don't know what to do TODAY, tomorrow, and the next day to succeed online.

You need to simply follow a system that's worked for thousands of people before you...and you can follow in only a few hours per week.

The biggest factor holding you back from a highly profitable Internet business is the fear factor. You know other people have done it. You may even have good ideas about how they've done it. You're just afraid that you can't do it yourself.

I understand where you're coming from. I've been there. So let me reassure you...

If a person who was Dead Broke, over $50,000 in Debt, and Delivering Pizzas at Little Caesar's for $8 an Hour...can earn as much as $31,324 a DAY in NET PROFITS from an Online Business...then YOU can do it too.

I know what it's like to be dead broke. There was a time when my wife and I would search the living room furniture for change to go out to eat at McDonald's. We lived in a tiny rental house for $340 a month. The kitchen and bathroom had huge leaks and water damage.

We had over $50,000 in debts from one car payment and 13 credit cards. We never answered the phones, because it would always be another credit collection agency demanding payments we didn't have.

I tried opportunity after opportunity...including mail order, network marketing, and direct sales. You name it...and I tried it. I just couldn't find anything that worked for me. Each of those opportunities just ended up taking up more space in my basement and being another charge on my overused credit cards.

Then one day back in 1996 I discovered the Internet. It wasn't an easy road. I had to learn most things by trial and error. There wasn't anywhere near the deluge of Internet marketing information then as there is now.

So I had to learn things the hard the school of hard knocks.

But it began to pay off. I was able to quit my stupid jobs in 6 months (I had more than just the pizza delivery one). Within a year my debts all started to disappear. Soon I was completely out of debt. I moved out of that tiny rental house in the city.

Today I can basically write my own blank check for however much I want. I live in a mortgage-free home in the country with 18.5 acres of property and no neighbors. I have two brand new debt-free vehicles parked in the driveway. Money flows into my bank accounts automatically 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

My life started to change the day I learned the system to making money online. You can earn a good income online anywhere, anytime you want...simply by using the exact same easy-to-follow steps whenever you want. It's as easy as clockwork...if you know what you're doing.

If I could have started out with the same knowledge I have now...I would have earned well over $1,000,000 more just in the first couple of years of online business.

I've earned as much as $31,324 net profit in a single day from one of my online businesses. Please note that I said NET PROFIT. That's the amount of money I kept after advertising expenses, fulfillment costs, merchant fees, joint venture partner payments, etc.

See, the amount an online business earns as gross profits doesn't impress me much. Sure, they may have brought in $200,000 this month. What they don't tell you is that it cost them $300,000 in advertising to do it.

You don't have that kind of advertising it's not relevant to you. If you're looking for a marketing coach, make sure they understand where you're coming from. You don't have a Bachelor's degree in marketing, don't have a million dollar ad budget, and haven't written a million dollar best selling book before you came online.

Most're starting from ground zero just like I was. You don't have a product or you're creating your very first one. You only have a very limited ad budget. You haven't written a successful sales letter. You need someone who understands you to give you a complete step-by-step system for starting from your level.

I've helped thousands of people just like you start their own highly profitable Internet businesses in just a few hours per week...

"Some of my Customers have Buyer Conversion Rates of 6.2%, Generate $10,000 From a Single Strategy, And Earn as much as $250,000 a MONTH"

Do your research online. Compare me to the competition. Ask around. See if any other online marketer has the same spotless reputation for personal help and caring about their customers I have.

Below are just a few of the comments I've received for my online products and services...

"Six years ago I was waiting tables for a living. Then Terry got me started in my own Internet business. Within 9 months I was earning a full-time living online. My income has increased every year since then. It's now been six years and my 100% Internet only business will bring in $2,500,000 this year alone! And I don't carry any inventory and don't have to ship a single product. It's all done for me. If you want to change your life, then he is the one to listen to."
Sean Page - (web site address withheld by request)

"Now I sell my own products and consult with other companies looking to cash in on the billions of dollars floating across the Internet. Just one of my clients went from zero sales on the Internet to over $250,000 a month in revenue and we're looking to do over $400,000 a month in a very short period of time. That's a 400,000% increase in a little over a year! Thanks Terry for all your help and for providing such a simple yet proven approach to making money on the Internet."
Eric Stewart -

"Terry Dean's protege class taught me how to write a sales letter for my ebook that's averaging a 6.2% conversion rate, set up joint ventures, which has led to several ongoing partnerships, my being featured in ebooks and in interview series, more exposure, more opportunities... the complete snowball effect. And write and submit articles, leading to free publicity, book reviews, more joint ventures...and more sales. Most of the business opportunity crap out there is a waste of time and money. I recommend Terry's program to anyone who wants to learn how to really make money on the Net."
Sharon Fling -

"What am I really going to learn from him that I haven't already heard about from gurus like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Yanik Silver and Corey Rudl?" The answer is: a lot of stuff. One strategy alone made me over $10,000 within the first three months I used it."
Bill Harrison -

"Terry - your information has blown my mind - and I'm as skeptical as they
come. I don't have any choice but to follow your advice in the future,
because your advice has brought in over $30,000 in cold, hard cash to me in the last two months. THANK YOU!"

Bryan Ellis -

"As a result of applying what Terry teaches on his Netbreakthroughs site, I've earned over $220,000.00 in 2001. I've also gotten Radio Interviews, TV infomercial time and am now considered a "Guru" myself because I've learned so much from Terry."
Brian Garvin -

"I have purchased quite a few of your courses---they really are the best available on the Net, and believe me, I know. Following your instructions, my son wrote a digital book and started selling it on his web site. He has made more than $14,000 in four months. The orders keep rolling in, day and night. Not bad for his very first effort ... and he is 17 years old!"
Hakim Chishti -

"Terry Dean has taught me a tremendous amount over the three years I've known him. I swear every time I talk to Terry he comes up with a multi-thousand dollar idea for me!"
Mark Wittkowski, President -

"I quit my job within just a few short weeks of getting your course and now I work from my home, earning a very nice living online. I bet you're not surprised. All those years I spent dabbling and experimenting...I knew there was a way to earn a substantial income doing something that I love, and you showed me how to do it. And so, even though you may not know me all that well, there are thousands of customers all around the world who do."
Jimmy Brown -

"Thank you so much for the information you share in your newsletter, in your products and on your site. You might like to know that, using some of the things you teach, I've secured $60,489.00 over a 6 month period! What you teach works - BIG TIME"
Mickey Wong, owner of Easy4all Internet Solutions

The best part of this offer is...

"You Get Me Revealing Everything I Do...
My Complete System from A to Z"

Never before I have I sat down and really took a good hard look at everything I do to make money online for myself...and my thousands of clients.

I spent months looking through all of my files and looking at every one of my client's successful businesses.

There are a LOT of techniques and strategies being taught for online marketing. That's a major reason you're probably on Information Overload by now if you've spent anytime studying about Internet marketing.

The key to the "Internet Marketing Protege Program" is I put together all my tactics and strategies for making money online...and then I stripped out all the extra useless information. Most training products have one or two awesome techniques in them...and then 53 techniques that are only marginally effective.

You don't need 67 ways to build a web site. You need one good one. You don't need 378 traffic techniques. You need 3 traffic techniques that always work...for everyone who uses them. You don't need 78 selling techniques. You just need to know the ONE format and sales letter flow that works the best for online marketing.

Eliminate the guessing and the information overload. I call this the Internet Marketing ABC method. Just do step A. Then do step B. Then do step C. Money comes in. It's as simple as that.

It's the same method my clients above followed to achieve their success selling everything from marketing wedding items. It doesn't matter what the market is. It doesn't matter who you are. The SYSTEM is what works.

Here's What You Get In My Step-By-Step System

Component number one to the system is a twelve audio tape set recorded live from the first and only Internet Marketing Protege teleconference. Only 20 people were allowed on these calls at $997 each to keep it extremely intimate. The teleconference sold out in only a few hours from when I announced it to my Web Gold newsletter. I had dozens of people begging for another line. Too bad...they missed out.

Besides the 12 tape set, you'll also receive a complete word-for-word printed transcript of the entire event. You'll be able to read it, mark it up, and follow it for every project you do from now on. It will become your easy reference guide to making money online.

Here are subjects we covered on the calls...and you'll be learning in this program:

bullet How to get filthy stinking rich in your niche by doing something you absolutely love...and how to determine 100% certain people will buy your product BEFORE you start a business.
bullet The secrets of Internet Money-On-Demand...and how you can generate $7,900 before lunch, $33,000 in a weekend, or $100,000 in a week by following a few simple steps.
bullet How you can live the Internet lifestyle...which simply means you choose when you work, how long you work, and where you want to live. No BOSS tells you what to do again for the rest of your life.
bullet Why going for a home run can leave you stuck in the sand...and how to pick small little projects which produce $3,000 to $10,000 per month in profits.
bullet 5 Specific Resources you can go to right now to determine if people will desperately beat down your door to buy your offer before you ever start (never create a losing project again).
bullet The ONE real secret to Internet marketing and how you can use it to automate every single aspect of your online business...freeing your time and money up to live the lifestyle you're dreaming of.
bullet My favorite source of product ideas and how I come up with at least a dozen ideas every five minutes while I'm using it (if you're having any trouble with product ideas this is all you need).
bullet 5 Questions to ask yourself before you start any project...and the answers to these five questions can predict the success or failure of any project with 99% reliability.
bullet How to become your own Internet brand people wouldn't think of shopping anywhere else except at your web site.
bullet How to become the #1 best seller of any license package you purchase. Yes, you can purchase rights to people's products and even outsell the creator of it...if you know the system.
bullet The perfect Internet business and how anyone can get involved in it for a minimum investment and then pull $100,000 to $1,000,000 out of it every single year online with NO employees.
bullet Forget everything you've ever learned about generating traffic at your site. One method is infinitely better and everything else we do online is geared to create maximum results from it (never worry about generating traffic or making sales again...this is the ultimate solution).
bullet How to turn all of your competitors into joint venture partners and increase each other's profits at the same time (some of my most diehard competitors send me regular referrals).
bullet How to copycat your competitor's products without doing anything illegal or immoral. They've already done the hard work so follow them (and learn exactly what parts NOT to copy).
bullet 7 High speed product development methods to get your products done in 30 days or less...even if you're not an expert, haven't created anything before, and don't know what subject to do them on!
bullet How to develop instant uniqueness in a marketplace...even if there are hundreds of me-too competitors (follow this system and you'll immediately have an unfair advantage over everyone).
bullet 6 Incredible Bonus ideas and how to create your web site bonuses out of thin air...while generating immediate and amazing value in each one (to jump your product sales through the roof).
bullet How to create or find dozens of backend products and services to sell...and how this "extra" FREE money can buy your a new sports car, new yacht, or a new mansion. They won't cost you a penny.
bullet 3 steps to a successful web site. It's easier than you think if you use the right tools and information (you'll have a site up and running before tomorrow).
bullet How to accept online orders even if you have horrible credit...and which online order systems to use for the quickest and easiest billing system (make sure it's 100% automated).
bullet How to quickly and easily write web sales letters that convert visitors into BUYERS (this is the million dollar skill and can turn anyone into an online millionaire).
bullet Why creativity has ZERO to do with online sales copy and how you can steal, swipe, and borrow everything you need to produce order producing copy.
bullet How to write headlines that force a visitor to immediately drop what they're doing and read every single word on your site (headlines can equal up to 90% of the results at your site).

That's Just the Beginning...I'm Going to Explain Every Insider Secret There Is to Absolutely Devastate Your Competition

If you're still not convinced about the incredible value you'll receive with our system, then let me give you a little more. In this package, you'll also learn...

bullet How to write an ad that gets your prospect emotionally involved with and literally drooling for your product before they even get halfway through your site (guaranteeing you the sale).
bullet The missing link to online sales...and how making sure to include at least a full page of information on this will ALWAYS double or triple your sales at a bare minimum.
bullet Quick and easy product development tools to create CDs, audio tapes, videos, ebooks, and more. These resources will save you hours of your time and thousands of dollars.
bullet How to turn boring features of your product into emotional power-packed benefits using one simple technique (simply use this technique over and over again throughout your sales to create powerful "reason why" ad copy).
bullet 4 email follow-up methods and how they are used to double or triple your web conversion numbers (follow our simple step-by-step formulas to writing email messages).
bullet The purpose of an email list is NOT to provide good information. It's to make sales. Find out the exact right mixture of content to sales copy in your email messages (and you'll be rolling in the dough in just a few months with this explosive mixture).
bullet 3 follow-up emails outlined and templated specifically for you. Simply follow our easy template to create all of your email messages from now on (and earn instant Internet Money-On-Demand).
bullet 3 Traffic Generation methods that are head-and-shoulders above anything else you could do. Simply focus on these methods and you'll be generating hundreds of visitors in the next 24 hours.
bullet Learn exactly which traffic generation methods are a waste of your time and money. They never work so don't even try them. A few of them will downright surprise you!
bullet Free Viral marketing explained in depth for the first time. Learn exactly why I'm on thousands of web sites and why my viral system earns me $100,000+ per year while most people just fail when they try to copy me!
bullet 7 more traffic generation methods to deliver guaranteed targeted traffic to your site with minimum risk (you'll make money if you follow them exactly as outlined in the plan)
bullet 3 Joint venture methods to tap into other people's traffic. Make money online using other people's money, other people's traffic, and other people's lists (start from scratch and earn a fortune).
bullet 5 Ways to Find Joint Venture partners to promote your products to millions of people at zero cost and absolutely NO risk whatsoever (you've probably only heard of one or two of these methods).
bullet Learn exactly how to write your first letter, second letter, and third follow-up letter to joint venture partners...use our system and they're guaranteed to read your emails. They may get 1,000 offers, but they'll stand up and notice when you email them this!
bullet And So Much More...

You'll learn all this and more in these 12 audio tapes and full word-for-word transcript. You'll know exactly how to create your own high profit projects, how to design web sites, and how to generate almost unlimited traffic overnight. Just follow our complete A to Z system step-by-step and you'll be on your way to immediate and ongoing Internet profits.

Plus, you'll get a second manual that organizes the entire system into 6 weekly assignments...

You'll Also Receive a 24 Page Fill-in-The-Blanks Action Plan to Get You Up, Running, and Making Money in 42 Days or Less

This notebook is short, only 24 pages, but it outlines six weekly assignments you'll be following in the program. Simply listen to the first two tapes in the series and then fill-in-the-blanks in your Action Plan guide. Then listen to the next two tapes and do your assignment for this week.

This simple manual turns this "home study course" into a complete business-in-a-box. Just listen to the tapes, follow my directions, and fill in the blanks. On a normal busy schedule with only a few hours to work on your business per week, you'll have a site up and making money 6 weeks from today. If you have more time, then you can get it done much quicker.

Just go at your own pace and your Internet business is only a few days away. It couldn't be any easier. Everything is laid out for you in black-and-white. I've spent years learning and refining these techniques into an unstoppable force.

You get everything I've learned over 6 years of trial and error Internet marketing in one easy to use package. Just follow along and build your business one step at a time. You'll be using the exact same system I personally use in my own business and clients gladly pay me $1,000 an hour to teach them.

It has never been laid out in this kind of detail in any product.

Plus, you'll receive FOUR additional bonuses to go along with the Internet Marketing Protege Program...

Special Bonus #1: You'll Receive my 182 page Special Protege Notes and Reports Series ($197 Value)

These are my own personal notes and outlines for protege members...along with bonus reports, training courses, and marketing checklists.

These special "for Protege's eyes only" notes will teach you...

  • The "secret" product development idea generator...where I get most of my million dollar ideas from and why most Internet marketers NEVER even take a second glance at this resource. You'll never be without product ideas again.
  • The 7 quick and easy formulas for online product development...and how to be 100% certain which method is right for your product. You'll be developing products in 48 hours or less with this "advanced" method.
  • My down and dirty web site sales formula. There are dozens of ways to write a sales letter or design a site, but this ONE method produces more sales quicker and easier than any other 2 methods combined.
  • The easiest way to write an email follow-up series...and how you can use this method to create dozens of follow-ups in just a few hours. Your sales will go off the charts as you earn multiple streams of income from FREE advertising!
  • My exact formulas and templates for creating killer online advertising...use this template to create your own ads, emails, and more. Stop playing the guessing game and know exactly which ad format is perfect for online advertising.
  • 6 Hidden places to find joint venture partners...and the expert method for contacting these people to assure you have partners. One single JV could be worth $50,000 or more to you next weekend.

The above examples are just the beginning of what's in this special 182 page manual. Using my techniques will be like a rocket ship to success...since you can duplicate my exact systems for online profits.

Special Bonus #2: You'll Receive the Joint Venture Marketing Mastermind 6 Tape Series from the Internet Supergroup ($495 Value)

Mr. Mail Order in the Internet Age Ted Ciuba, the $11 million dollar man Kirt Christensen (one of his businesses sold for $11 million), and I got together to do a special mastermind tape series on joint venture Internet marketing.

Joint ventures are the quickest shortcut to turning the Internet into a multi-million dollar net income for any business...even if you're brand spanking new to marketing online.

You'll learn...

  • How to find lists of 10,000 or more potential affiliates for your product or service...and how to "pick" the $100,000 affiliates to promote you.
  • 3 JV tracking methods...and why using the wrong method could cost you your relationship and $10,000 or more in immediate cashflow.
  • How to turn your most vicious direct competitors into wild evangelists for your brand and your products...this one secret can be used to turn you into a name brand overnight even if no one has ever heard of you before.
  • How to write powerful endorsements which make selling a $2,000 product just as easy as selling a $20 item...same response rate but 100 times the money!
  • How to turn a one-time customer into at least 10 times the money...simply by knowing the power of joint ventures and backend marketing. You'll never leave money on the table again.
  • The joint venture mindset can give you everything you want for free...including $1,000 ads, $2,000 training courses, and $5,000 reprint rights packages. Simply follow this system and you'll never have to pay again.

This powerful discussion by three Internet marketing gurus will allow you to access the "Mastermind" concept written about in "Think and Grow Rich." Through listening to it over and over again, soon you'll be thinking like an Internet joint venture marketer.

If you need $30,000 extra for a brand new car, then simply come up with a new joint venture or two...and do them. It's that simple. It's a whole new mindset about money. Whatever level of money you want, simply plan the joint venture you need to get there. It doesn't take years. All it takes is the one partner...and knowing how to get them.

Special Bonus #3: You'll Receive My Complete 90 Minute Presentation at a $1,497 Marketing Conference ($495 Value)

Pop this in the VCR. Sit back and relax. You'll see me teaching the "10 Step System for Easy Web Success" at a live Marketing Bootcamp. Every attendee there had to pay at least $1,497 to be in the airfare, plus hotel, plus meals, etc. You get the whole session, exactly as it was presented there for FREE with this package.

In this exciting video, you'll quickly learn:

  • How to earn $7,976 in profits before Lunch...and $33,285 in just three days...all with zero advertising expense (you can do this even if you don't have an email list yet).
  • How to earn $5,000 or more per month selling a product you licensed from someone else. That's right. When you know the system you can do it without your own products.
  • 5 Questions to ask yourself to guarantee you make money online. If you answer these 5 questions BEFORE you start marketing, you'll always earn a profit...every single time.
  • 6 Ways to create products in the next 30 days...even if you've never written anything before and don't consider yourself an expert.
  • How to generate qualified traffic to your web site overnight...and the single most effective way of making maximum sales in minimum time.
  • The step-by-step way to roll-out your web site to millions of web users...follow this system to generate incredible sales consistently every single month.

I've worked with hundreds of web businesses. No matter what they're selling or who they're selling to, I still follow this same 10 step system. It has worked time and time again to produce millions for my clients...and it will work for you too.

Selling online doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. You just need a reliable proven system which has been shown to work in every instance. This video contains the secret.

Special Bonus #4: You'll Receive 2 Review Certificates for Me to Personally Review Your Complete Web Sales Letters ($500 Value)

Use my complete training system to build your high powered and hot selling web site. Then when you're completely finished, use one of your certificates to have me review it for you. I'll visit it. I'll read your headlines. I'll study your introduction. I'll examine your bullets. I'll check your closing. I'll then go through and give you suggestion after suggestion about how you can turn your site into an order pulling machine.

I may suggest a new headline, different angle, or wording. Follow my advice, because it can immediately double or triple your profits. In fact, I recently spent JUST 5 minutes at another professional Internet marketers web site and DOUBLED their closing percentage.

Their site went from 1% to 2% immediately. If they were earning $3,000 before, they're now earning $6,000. That was just from 5 minutes of reviewing their site...and they are a professional full-time Internet marketer who knows how to write good sales copy.

"Terry, you looked at my site for only 5 minutes...and the suggestions you made doubled my conversions immediately for twice as much profit on each visitor"
Randy Charach -, Vancouver, BC

You don't get just one of these reviews. You get two. So you can submit two different web sites to me and I guarantee your sales will increase from using these. The value of these reviews is really priceless, but I'm going to value them for the sake of this offer at only $500.

This Entire Internet Marketing Protege Program In-A-Box Will Cost You Less Than One 30 Minute Phone Consultation

My current telephone coaching rate is $1,000 per hour...and my schedule is almost always sold out. You get me for a full 12 hours in the main Protege tapes outlining my entire marketing system from beginning to end. It would cost you $12,000 for me to go over all of this and create you a personalized strategy as powerful as this one.

Plus you get a complete transcript of my coaching along with all my own personal notes and reports. Along with that you get the backbone of the system...the fill-in-the-blanks Action Plan telling you exactly what to do each and every week to get your business up and earning an automated income in 6 weeks or less.

You get the 6 joint venture tapes with the Internet Marketing Supergroup of Kirt Christensen, Ted Ciuba, and I. To get all three of us to consult with you for only a single hour apiece would cost you $2,500, and we have plans to sell this product separately next year for $495 by itself. It will teach you everything you need to know to become a Joint Venture beast...who is constantly hunting down big 5 figure paydays like defenseless prey.

You get my 90 minute video $1,497 presentation, but you get it completely FREE along with this package.

You get the two web site review certificates which can double or triple your web site profits. They're worth buying even if you already have a successful web business. Having me spend just a few minutes at your site can earn you thousands of dollars in additional profits every single month. Plus, they're very conservatively worth way more than the $500 I have them valued for you at.

All together this package adds up to $11,687 in value. But you're not going to pay anywhere near that much. When I consult with clients I am limited to only the 20 or 30 hours I want to work per week, but I can sell a package such as this to 10,000 customers...because the only time issue for me is in the two web reviews.

So the price of this package is only $997.

And if you promise to me you'll be willing to give me a complete "success story" once you've reached $100,000 or more in profits online, then I'm going to give you another 50% discount. Your success story will help me sell thousands more of these packages when I roll out my advertising to millions of Internet users.

You can have it for $495 on the guarantee you'll write me a good success story once you've reached $100,000 in profits.

Take action today because I don't know how long I'll be able to continue to offer the 2 web site reviews. If this package takes off like I expect it too, then I will definitely have to remove it within days. I can only handle a very limited number of clients. If you miss out on that, you'd be missing out on a fortune.

But don't decide today...

You Don't Have to Decide If This Program is Right For You Or Not Today...Because You Get Our 2 Exclusive Risk-Free FULL Money Back Guarantees

Please understand. I can't legally guarantee you to make any specific amount of money. I don't know you. For all I know you may purchase the package and set it on a shelf...never to open it again. If you do that, you'll get ZERO results. You may buy my package and then decide to do things YOUR way instead of following my advice. Then you'll get little or no results.

All the testimonials in this letter are from people who took my information, applied it, and immediately began to profit from it. They are not "normal" customers as you would say, because they are doer's. They took my advice. Then they followed my instructions to achieve the results they were looking for. You can do the same.

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These techniques work like gangbusters so I'm not worried one bit about offering this kind of irresistible guarantee.

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P.P.S. Remember, you get everything outlined above including the 12 Protege tapes, the word-for-word transcript, my personal notes and special report, the Fill-in-the-Blank Action Plan, 6 JV Tapes by the Internet Supergroup, my 90 minute $1,497 live presentation, and the 2 web site review certificates for only $495. If for any reason you're dissatisfied, you can return them for a complete refund. No questions asked. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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