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"Hi Terry,

Great resources which you have put together on your new 'The Business Professional' site!

The part I like best is the interview section where professional internet business owners who are already successful reveal some of their strategies.

It gets so much easier to become successful yourself if you know how and why others have achieved their goals!"

Detlev Reimer

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  From: Terry Telford, CEO

  The Business Professional - Where The World's   Successful Online Business Owners Spill Their Secrets!

Dear Friend,

If I can make your online marketing life easier, would you be interested?

Well, what I'm about to share with you is a real treat.

Something that I know you're truly going to enjoy, no matter whether you're interested in internet marketing, starting or expanding an online business, getting more sales and leads, or dramatically increasing your profits - whatever.

You're Going To Learn Something Valuable
In The Next Few Minutes...

But before I reveal it to you, please let me introduce myself...

My name is Terry Telford. I've been working online since August 2001.

Before I started working online, I worked for a communications company. I got tired of the corporate politics and decided to pack it in and quit my job.

I suddenly had all the freedom in the world. I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

Then reality set in...

I Have All The Freedom In The World,
But Not Enough Money To Enjoy It.

So I started working online.

I love the internet and all the possibilities it holds. My background is in marketing and advertising so this was a natural fit for me.

But I had a long learning curve.

I joined 302 affiliate programs and tried to figure out how to make
a living online. I built my own website, tested every form of marketing I could find and developed an income of $102 a month. It wasn't much, but I was proud that I was actually making money.

I heard you could build an income stream online, but all I had was an income trickle. I certainly had more to learn than I had expected. My savings were starting to dry up and I had to find something that could develop a solid, steady income stream or quit my online business and get back into the rat race.

I don't like the rat race.

"Great Interviews To Listen To And
I Look Forward To Next Month's Issue!"


I'd like to commend you on
a job well done!

Everything that makes a website worth subscribing to such as quality interviews,
special offers, and lots of downloads
has been packed online into The Business Professional.

The members area is very easy to navigate and find what you need quickly. There are some really great interviews to listen to and I look forward to next month's issue.

I recommend this to all online Entrepreneurs."

Jeremy Gislason

Discover What Worked For Me In The Past
And How It Will Work For You Too!

Just as I was about to quit, I found someone online that I could trust.
I followed her advice and suddenly I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I slowly, but surely started to make more money. Not a lot at first, but some...

Then the next month, I made a bit more, the following month a bit more again, and my income kept growing. As I followed my mentor's advice, I started meeting more people who were also making money online.

Eventually I Built Up A Network of People
That Helped Me Build My Business.

It was the knowledge that other successful people shared with me
that helped me achieve my goals.

Now this knowledge is at your fingertips.

Each month, I talk to successful entrepreneurs from around the globe and find out exactly how they've achieved their success. Then I give it to you. Listen to these powerful conversations and discover how you can quickly shift your business into high gear.

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You can join today and eavesdrop on successful entrepreneurs.
You're a fly on the wall in the offices of the world's success stories.
Hear straight from Marc Goldman (JV Expert), Carlos Garcia (Membership Site Expert), Brian Garvin (Super Affiliate) & many more!



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Top Secret Marketing Resources Toolbox:

Discover little-known FREE and low cost marketing resources
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You'll be shocked to discover outstanding marketing resources and services that would have cost you hundreds of dollars or more but they're available to you FREE or for next to nothing! For the first time, I've opened my personal Rolodex.



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It includes top secret marketing audio recordings, rare interviews and even word-for-word transcripts from marketing masters like Jay Conrad Levinson, Dan Kennedy, Brian Keith Voiles and many others...

An archive of audio lessons from the greatest marketing minds.
Please don't try and digest all of these lessons at once. Your best bet is to listen to one audio every few days. Give the ideas time to brew.
Relate the ideas to your own business and TAKE ACTION!



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"I Love The Content.
It's Fresh, New, Clean and Exciting!"

"Hi Tez!

Just wanted to tell you that you should be proud of the excellent job you have done with
The Business Professional!

Not only do I love the name and the image it conjures, but I love the content. It's fresh, new, clean and exciting! The interviews are great too! ;~)

Keep up the good work."

Eva Browne-Paterson

“A No-Nonsense, Behind-The-Scenes Look At How The World's Most Successful Internet Marketers Quickly & Easily Generate Sales And Leads (Any Day Of The Week) And How You Can Do It Too!”

Here's A Few Samples of What You'll Hear
And Discover Every Month From Different Experts...

    Ken McArthur - www.AffiliateShowcase.com
    Successful Affiliate Manager

Discover How Ken Built His Businesses Online
    And Took Affiliate Showcase From A Concept To A
    $250,000 Entity In Just 6 Months!

Shares What It Would Take To Build 35,000 Affiliates
    Discover How He Looks For Profitable Affiliate Programs
    And How He Could Build A Business For Under $100 If He     Was Just Starting Out.

Ken Reveals His Secret for Being One of The Most
    Successful Affiliate Managers On The Net Today And
    Why It Is Important To Apply It With Your Business!

... And So Much More!

Listen to Ken McArthur Now - Click here...

    Marc Goldman - www.Goldbar.net
    Joint Venture Expert

How To Make Your Joint-Venture Letters Very Hard     Almost Impossible To Refuse By Your Prospective
    Partners. (Apply This Now To Dominate Your Market!)

Tried and Tested Formula For Successful Joint
    Venture Campaigns and Why Copywriting Knowledge     Will Play An Important Role For Getting Partners!

Failsafe Strategy To Get Past Gate-Keepers Who
    Protect And Isolate Your Prospective Partners From
    Being Contacted. (You Need To Know About This Now!)

... And So Much More!

Listen to Marc Goldman Now - Click here...

    Carlos Garcia - www.WealthySecrets.net
    Successful Affiliate Manager

Discover Exactly How He Built WealthySecrets.net     From Scratch To A Six-Figure Online Business And How     He Is Able To Maintain 6,000+ Members.

He'll Also Reveal The Hurdles You Might Encounter     When Building Membership Sites And How You Can Avoid     Them Immediately So You Don't Lose Any Profits!

The Important Thing You Must Do For Your Affiliates     To Gain Their Trust And Ensure That Everything With     Your Affiliate Program Runs Smoothly!

... And So Much More!

Listen to Carlos Garcia Now - Click here...

    Russell Brunson - www.ZipBrander.com
    Successful Forum Marketer

Critical Things You Should Know Before Promoting     Any Products To Different Online Forums. (Neglect This     And You'll Get Hate Emails And Death Threats!)

Hidden Benefits of Forum Marketing, How It Could     Help You Get More Sales, Profits, and Leads Into Your     Online Business! (Or Be Perceived As A Trusted Advisor!)

Discover How Russell Created A Software Product     From Scratch And Pocketed Over $1,000 In His First     Month - Only Using Forum Marketing!

... And So Much More!

Listen to Russell Brunson Now - Click here...

    Brian Garvin - www.RobotReply.com
    The World's Super Affiliate

Discover How In 1999, Brian Garvin, A Disabled     American Vetran was making $400 a month. (5 years     later, He makes over $250,000 a year!)

Brian Will Give You A Step-by-Step Workable Plan     And Show You How to Easily and Quickly Turn A
    $100 Capital Investment in to $1,200 Profits!

Discover How He Plans To Make $1,000,000 In 6     Months. He Freely Revealed How To Pick For Affiliate
    Programs! (This is the creme-de-la-creme.)

... And So Much More!

Listen to Brian Garvin Now - Click here...

    Jeremy Gislason - www.ISORegister.com
    Membership Site Expert

Get A Closer Look Why Creating Membership Sites
    Are The Way To Go If You're Serious About Making Huge
    Amounts of Money Each And Every Month Online!

Why Upselling To Your Paying Members Can Hurt
    Your Business And Credibility. (If You Haven't Thought
    Of This In The Past Then You've Already Lost Profits!)

Jeremy's Formula For Finding and Approaching
    Joint-Venture Partners Whether They Be Product
    Developers, Business Owners, or Ezine Publishers!

... And So Much More!

Listen to Jeremy Gislason Now - Click here...

    Hani Banna - www.MakingClicks.com
    Successful Online Marketer

Discover How This Australian Pop Star Used Guerilla     Marketing Promotions That Landed Him Massive Radio
    Play And A Top Spot On The Charts!

Exact Strategy and System He Implemented To
    Promote One of The Most Profitable Affiliate Programs
    On The Net Today And How You Can Do Same!

How Hani Banna Created A Downline Support Club
    From Scratch To 20,000 members in Only 6 Months!     (You Should Do This Now To Explode Your Profits.)

... And So Much More!

Listen to Hani Banna Now - Click here...

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