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Phil Chapman is written and owned by Phil Chapman. Phil left a large multi-national company that he had worked at for more than 20 years in October 2000.

He is the owner and CEO of Filman Enterprises Limited, which includes Filman Marketing, Filman Fine Art and Filman Publications.

That's him in the picture (looking a bit smarter than when he's working on the web site!).

Hello, I'm Phil Chapman. Thanks for visiting our site. If you're interested, this page tells you a bit about me, why I started this site, and what I'm sure it can do for you. (Don't's not my whole life story ;-).

I'm married to Bev, without whose support this web site just wouldn't be here! We have 2 children - Danielle and Ross - and live in Surrey, in the UK, 21 miles south-west of London.

Our first web site - Filman Fine Art, was started in August 2000 and is now ranked in the top 2% of web sites on the internet (by the amount of visitors it receives). I found it a very steep learning curve, as the only connection (excuse the pun) I'd had with the internet before then was as a casual 'surfer'.

It took us a long time, a lot of hard work, a lot of mistakes and a significant amount of money (some of it wasted money!), to get from where we started to where we are now. One of the biggest problems we had was that there is just so much information about everything to do with small businesses and developing web sites on the internet (a lot of which is contradictory), that it seemed impossible to work out who to believe.

I started Small-Business-on-the-Net in March 2003, in an attempt to provide the sort of information for new small businesses that I wish I could have found when I first started, all in one place, without any 'hype'.

This site is already ranked higher than our first site, so I guess that proves the first site wasn't a fluke, proves that people are looking for the kind of information we're providing, and qualifies us to provide some useful tips and advice. I really hope you find the site useful.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know at This is not a link - please type into your email program. I'll do my very best to help.

 Best Regards,

Phil Chapman

P.S. I'll be adding pages to this site whenever I get a chance over the coming weeks, months and years - if there is anything that you'd like more information about, just let me know.

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