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Dallas Web Site Design - How to Make the Perfect Start...

For your Dallas web site design, you firstly need to understand why 98% of small business web sites fail! This is vital, and it doesn't matter whether you're in Dallas, Outer Mongolia or Timbuktu!

The reason is actually quite simple. But the vast majority of small businesses and individuals (i.e. the 98% referred to above!) who decide they want a web site (need would be a better word these days), don't know what it is.

Let me explain.

The only way to develop a cost-effective Dallas web site design, assuming you haven't a got a bottomless pit of a marketing budget, is to follow the right process.

What is the Right Process?

At great personal expense from my own bitter experience, and totally free for you right now, here it is:

  1. Content - your Dallas web site design must have great content. The vast majority of 'surfers' search the internet looking for one thing - information. Supply the information your customers or clients are looking for in a search engine-friendly way and you will succeed.
  2. Traffic - traffic, that is visitors to your web site, is where the 98% invariably fall hopelessly short of their expectations. The internet is not like the high street or shopping mall where location is King. On the internet, content is King. The traffic arrives at your 'Dallas web site design' site, as if by magic, if you follow the right successful, proven process to develop your content. Don't follow it and your web site, for all intents and purposes, isn't there!
  3. PRE-sell - unless you're a big brand household name, it's extremely unlikely that your visitors will purchase anything before you have established your credentials and gained their trust. This isn't done with a 'hard-sell' approach. It's done by providing them with great content (there's that word again!) at your 'Dallas web site design' site, which puts them in a receptive 'ready-to-buy' state of mind.

  4. 'Monetize' - that is setting up ways of creating revenue from your web site. The vast majority of small businesses make this their first priority. This is like putting the (shopping..) cart before the horse. Do you think it matters if you've got 'state-of-the-art' this and 'secure' that, if no-one knows you exist? Of course not. This is why the right process is so vital and the wrong process results in so many failures.

Is there a detailed guide to this process?

Yes, there is!

If you want to see an example of a web site created with it, you're looking at it! This web site was created using a product called 'Site Build It!', which is an integrated suite of web site-building tools.

Less than 3 months after we 'launched' the first page, this site was ranked in the top 2% of web sites on the internet, by the amount of visitors it receives. And this site is by no means unique.

'Site Build It!' provide a small sample of more than 200 of their web sites that are also very successful. Just try and find another product that comes anywhere close. So you can do the same as us, and countless others.

So, for your Dallas web site design, does it really matter if the product doesn't come from Dallas, or the webmaster you use to develop your web site isn't in Dallas?

No, of course not. With modern communications (and even the good old-fashioned telephone), the world is 'shrinking' every year.

What matters most to you, is that you are guaranteed a successful web site!

Whether you want to do-it-yourself (no technical knowledge needed), or use one of the 'Site Build It! Directory of Certified Webmasters' to do it for you, click on the following link - Dallas web site design, find your own business (or the one you'd like to have), in their list and read all the details for yourself.

Like us, you'll be very glad you did!

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