'Instant Sales Letters'
Product Review

By: Phil Chapman,
Founder, Small-Business-on-the-Net

Phil Chapman

"Amazing! Just point and click and you can be on the way to having kick-butt sales letters! A brilliant idea!"
Joe Vitale, author, There's A Customer Born Every Minute

Well, that's the bold testimonial headline at the top of the 'Instant Sales Letters' web page, and that's just what I wanted to test for myself, so I could write this review objectively.

Fact is, there must be at least 50 testimonials on that page, and it does look pretty convincing, but then Yanik Silver, the creator of 'Instant Sales letters', is a top copywriter, so that's to be expected, right?

So what is 'Instant Sales Letters'?

It's a product, well a collection of products actually, designed to provide a ready-made, 'fill-in-the-blanks' letter for virtually any business, and any 'selling' purpose.

In a hurry? Click this link to go straight to the web page:
Instant Sales Letter

Instant Sales Letter

A sneaky look behind the scenes...

You can't see this from the sales letter on their website, because you obviously have to own the product to see behind the scenes, but there are a whole collection of sales messages, broken down into different business types and sales objectives.

For example, the sales letter templates are divided into 8 categories, including:

  • Information Products
  • Retail/Restaurants
  • Professional
  • Service
  • Business to Business

Within each of these categories, there are sales letter templates for virtually everything I could think of for each business type. And it's true... all you have to do is insert the details of your own product/service or offer into the 'gaps' in each of the templates and you're done! You don't need to sweat over writing anything yourself.

For example, the 'Service' category includes many different sales letters that could rapidly generate additional revenue for your business, including:

  • Announcement With Free Gift
  • Free Gift Offer For Meeting
  • Seminar Appointment Intro For High Tech Co
  • Create Appointments/New Customers
  • 2nd notice creating appointments/new customers
  • Introduction of New Service
  • Reactivate Old Customers

...and many more.


I've taught myself copywriting basics over the last 8 years since I've been online but, you know what? I sure as heck wish I'd known about 'Instant Sales Letters' when I was struggling to piece all this copywriting stuff together.

It would have saved me a lot of time and a lot of trial and error trying to find what worked. In fact, I still find them very useful now!

Unlike a lot of over-hyped products on the internet these days, this product delivers exactly what it promises. Here's what I like most about it:

  • More great quality sales letter templates than you can shake a stick at, written by one of the great copywriters of modern times i.e. Yanik Silver himself

  • Ridiculously low price for what you get - even the 'Gold' version with the added value 'Headline Creator Pro' software offer as well (if it's still available), is less than a hundred dollars

  • 100% full refund, no-risk guarantee

  • Good quality bonuses that complement the product perfectly
The only thing I didn't like is that the instant sales letter templates themselves are accessed on their own website, rather than in one downloadable file.

Having said that, as you create your own username and password after purchase and can get straight to the templates and copy and paste them to your own PC if you want to, that's really only my personal preference. It doesn't affect the product in any way.

'Instant Sales Letters' gets my highest recommendation!

Click this link to see it for yourself:

Instant Sales Letters

...and let me know how you get on when you've got your own copy.

 Best Regards,

Phil Chapman
 Phil Chapman

P.S. If it's still available when you order 'Instant Sales Letters', and your budget will allow it, get the added value 'Headline Creator Pro' offer as well.

Yanik was offering a $30 off discount on it when I clicked the 'Order' button and it's well worth it, because it complements 'Instant Sales Letters' perfectly.

Here's the link again... Instant Sales Letter

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